6 To Keep Furniture And Accessories Safe In Your Baby’s Nursery

E's roomGuest Post by Serven.

Baby nursery is the first learning space for the child. The child for a long time, unless he cannot run around or roam freely in the house, spends most of the time of his day in the nursery. That is the reason the nursery requires a special effort to be created in a way that it provides a special learning and beneficial experience for your child. The nursery should be colorful, comfortable and should have educating print photos on the walls to give your child a fun filled educating experience.

Safety First

For your little bundle of joy safety is the foremost important thing. When buying furniture or accessories for your child’s nursery always give it a detailed view and instead of going only for color or cuteness, go for the practicality and safety. Instead of buying beautiful furniture that is only stylish, focus on comfort and safety of the child and never leave your child unattended. For safety reasons the furniture should be placed in the right place in order to avoid any accidents or injuries.

Placement of Baby Cot

When placing the cot in the room make sure that:

  • The cot should be placed away from electrical power points or heaters
  • The cot should not be placed near the windows or blinds or any cord hanging from above
  • Hang print photos and mirrors away from the cot so that the child can not touch them and there is no danger of falling down.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave any music mobiles or toys with cords within reach from the cot.
  • Make sure that the cot is not put near to any small objects that can cause your child to choke.

High chairs

High chairs are suitable for feeding the baby who can sit upright on his own. The placement of high chairs in the room should be such that:

  • High chairs should be placed away from electrical switches and cords of appliances.
  • High chairs should be placed in a way such that curtain cords and things which the child can easily grab should be away.

Changing Tables

  • Changing tables should be placed in a place where the shelves for holding baby products are nearby.


  • Keep the playpen in such a place where it is well clear of electrical switches, heaters and power cords.
  • Ensure that the playpen is away from blinds and curtain cords

Safety should always be the first priority when setting up kid’s room or nursery. Through online canvas printing you can order your favourite image printed on canvas. Select something that suits your kid’s mood and order beautiful canvases today for your kid’s room.

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Serven is working design consult and writes about different categories. Now he is currently writing about online canvas printing which offer great ideas about that how decorate children’s room.

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Great Pirate Party Theme for Kids

Guest post by Kerry Blake.
Little pirate!Pirates have always been a matter of fascination for the kids and when it comes to choosing a special theme for their birthdays or other parties, there cannot be anything better than their very own pirate party. The pirate party for kids is bound to be a successful one, considering the party is organized in a skilled way and can be pulled off in an appealing way. There are various ways to get kids take interest in the party. For once, pirate costumes are a major hit with the kids and they never seem to get bored with it. But there are various other ways to make them enjoy. Let us check some of them.

Invitation Cards
A great way to send invitation completely in the pirate style is to send maps instead of a normal card. You can take out the print of the map of your local area, get it printed on the card and mark your place as the treasure. This will create enthusiasm for your party. In the card, mention some of the games you are going to play and inform everyone to wear their special pirate costumes. Infact you can even have a pirate costume party where all the kids will have to come in some unique pirate attire. This will create enthusiasm among them.
Scary pirate!
Pirate party supplies
Buying pirate party supplies is not an easy task. You need to decorate the entire house to give it a pirate party look and nothing can be more cumbersome than this. At best you can place the party in the garden area so that would leave the indoor area for your own use or for the treasure hunt. Most of the suppliers will supply you with everything needed to host a pirate party, right from the pirate shaped invitation cards to loot bags and more. You need to ensure that these supplies are of good quality that you can use even the next year and the year after that!

Of all the games that can be played in your pirate based party, nothing can beat the age-old treasure hunt. You can send out the clues along with the invitation card or can give cue cards to the kids explaining to them about the games and clues. Once set you can so place the clues that only if someone finds all of them, the kid can win. This will let the kids enjoy the game until the time you work on the food. This apart other games like ‘Best Costume’, ‘Best accessory’, ‘Walk the plank’ and others can also be played. You can get more ideas here.
Hosting a successful pirate party for kids is not a stressful task as it might look to be and investing in good pirate party supplies will ensure that you do not have to invest in them year after year. Get in great games that will engage the little ones and get some delicious pirate foods, cakes baked especially as a ship and cookies in the shape of pirate hats. Turn your party into a pirate ship and let your kids cross the seven seas wandering in their own little theme world hunting for treasure.

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Baby Shower Trends for 2013

Guest post by Diane Vaugn.

Baby shower cakeBirth rates dropped starting in 2007 when the recession went into full swing, but the worldwide economic recovery is set to pick up steam, so we’ll likely see a bump (pardon the pun) in the number of expecting couples in 2013. That means a lot more baby showers, and probably a good chance to try out some of the fresh ideas that have been cropping up here and there.

Sip & See

These post-birth cocktail parties keep growing in popularity, and I don’t see them losing steam in 2013, even as an addition to traditional baby showers before the birth. The idea is that everyone gets to see the bundle of joy, and the new Mommy gets a small dose of regular socialization again after being sequestered for a month or two instead of dealing with multiple friends and family dropping by unannounced.

A full-blown Sip & See party is often a low-key affair with cocktails and finger-foods, though a lot of the traditional shower fare creeps in when you’re trying to put a theme together. The idea is to provide a quick window for everyone to see the baby, who will likely be asleep the whole time.

Gender Reveal Parties

This is by no means a new trend. But there are enough adorable gender-reveal pics on Pinterest alone to keep it going well into 2014! If you’re not familiar with the concept, the central point of the whole party is the Parents-to-Be finding out the baby’s gender together, surrounded by friends and family. You have your ultrasound technician seal an envelope with the documented gender of the baby. Then you pass that envelope off to your baker, balloon shop or online party supplier, who then helps supply you with your gender-reveal method.

A box of pink or blue balloons, a cake baked secretly with pink or blue filling, baby lottery scratch cards—parents are finding numerous cute ways to do the reveal. The Big Question is often built into the whole theme of the shower, and the snacks and decorations follow suit, often mixing boy and girl imagery throughout and setting up games for the baby shower that let people vote on what they think Baby will be.

I hope this trend never goes away!

Virtual Baby Showers

Online baby showers are finally starting to become viable since nearly everybody is tech-savvy enough to set up a video call on Skype. It’s a good thing, too, since family and friends can be spread out across the country (or the globe!), and we still want everyone to participate.

My recommendations for a virtual baby shower are that you do a test run of whatever platform you’re using to connect everyone. Google Hangouts are a good option, because they connect so many people at once. Skype allows group video calls, too, which you can coordinate through Facebook. And there are other technologies available. But everyone needs to know how to use it, which means less technologically apt family and friends may need a bit of help.

The Guy Shower

The baby shower world does seem a little gender-weighted to the girls. Mom is the one carrying Junior around for nine months, after all. But Dad and his buddies are excited about impending fatherhood, too, and they may not be as excited about the pink and blue balloons as the ladies are. Plus, a lot of showers are designed as a strictly feminine affair. That’s where the guy shower comes in. (Be careful Googling that, btw.)

The guys’ baby shower can be simultaneous with your regular shower, which is good since it’s usually a lot of the same people that come to both. Poker and beer may sound a bit cliché, but don’t underestimate the power of traditional guy grub and activities for making the boys feel appreciated. Don’t over-think this on the décor. Make it a Sunday night football affair with BBQ wings and burgers, and you’ll be set.

Baby Book Shower

This is one of my absolute favorite trends ever in baby showers! I frequently give baby books as shower gifts, and a book shower is designed to help you build your baby’s library right from the start. Everyone has books that carry a bit of nostalgia from either their own childhood or from reading to their kids, and that’s a perfect sentiment around which to build a shower. Plus, you can add elements to your shower theme from memorable books, like The Cat in the Hat or Where the Wild Things Are. Super cute.

All of these trends set my mind running with ideas! What are your favorite new party ideas?

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Diane Vaugn is a mother and writer who works for BabyShowerStuff.com. When she isn’t tearing up with nostalgia over old baby books, she’s writing about parenthood, child care and baby shower planning.